Scandinavian Panel Systems (SPS), a Worcester-based advanced manufacturer of closed and semi- closed panels for wood-frame construction.

Scandinavian Panel Systems, Inc. (SPS), manufacturer of wood-frame closed and semi-closed panels for the construction industry, was formed in 2013. The principals, experienced professionals in the real estate design, development, marketing, and construction industries, recognized that the United States home building industry is in the process of shifting toward off-site production, with advanced procurement, components logistics, and automated production systems evolving as the standard.

Partner - Randek AG

DEXTrust Partner – Swedish Firm – Randek AG

Although increased efficiency is the central factor in the shift, recognition of an increasing scarcity of qualified, onsite labor is an added force driving the trend. SPS was conceived and established in line with proven Scandinavian technology and practice; for the US market, SPS provides wood-frame, factory-made closed and semi-closed panels and includes expert on-site installation as part of its offering.

SPS is unique in the United States as a high volume “non-modular” factory building system that imposes virtually no restriction on architectural designs and is compatible with all standard building products and finishes. SPS has a unique business model and opportunity to enter the wood-frame market in North America, using the highly automated Scandinavian system dominant in Sweden, Norway, and the United Kingdom to provide builders (high- end single family, multifamily, affordable housing, and small commercial and industrial markets) with panelized structures.