DexTrust is interested in being involved with local city and state development initiatives to support and advance job creation, new businesses development through sustainable green infrastructure and property development in addition calibrating new energy models therein.

Regeneration strategies for Job Creation and Urban Smart Growth include:

  • Workforce housing communities – housing and small complementary firms cooperating in sharing building and services normally available to large organizations supporting transportation orientation at market rate supporting average median income

  • Commercial business parks – high-quality low density environments aimed at mid and high calibre workforce

  • Trade-marts – theme based developments for exhibition, conference reception to support multi tenants and mix usage

  • Research and innovation centers – starter firms close to universities for potential joint venture partnerships to attract young established firms

  • Destination Design – regional amature sports infrasturcture and entertainment clusters

  • Startup and service sector alleys – technology oriented companies, lifestyle attraction for financial industry and clean energy firms to support service related sector