About Us

DEXTrust Industries

DEXTrust Industries is the operational holding company organized to facilitate an efficient transfer of research and development to establish market operation and implementation of intellectual property.

The DEXTrust holding company has focused its mission to pursue the recognition of the principles of urban smart growth and green development as a catalyst for regeneration of under-utilized and distressed communities, resulting in direct human benefit.

As community partners, DEXTrust, has provided outreach and business coordination to develop strategies and capacity re-alignment to increase the rate of business creation and development opportunities to improve the lives of communities experiencing the greatest risks.

As a humanitarian community lead effort, our goal is to deliver an equitable transfer of green building and energy technologies; by providing infrastructural investment and educational awareness to that unique settlements collective benefit.

DEXTrust  has partnered with regional providers of economic development and real estate developers to coordinate and increase innovation, job creation to include the increased adoption of green technologies.

Sustainable development is a community centric model, with all stakeholders involved. For that reason, each development should advance new quality of life standards for present and future generations best interest at hand.

Developing Environmental Excellence is our vision at DEXTrust.